2m DMR Repeater in Lowestoft



Callsign: GB7YL
Location: Lowestoft - JO02UL
Current Status: No Known Issues
See Live Repeater Status
Band / Channel: 2m - RV63
Type: DMR
Output: 145.7875
Input: 145.1875
Colour Code: 1
Connectivity: Phoenix (235223)
Keeper: M0JGX


Technical Information:


Repeater - Motorola DR3000 VHF DMR Repeater
TX Antenna - Commercial Di-Pole Antenna
RX Antenna - Commercial Di-Pole Antenna
Timeout - No Timeout
3 x ex Ofcom commercial barrel cavity filters (G8VLL Tuned)


Static Talk Groups:



TG1 - World Wide
TG2 - Europe
TG9 - Local (Please consider using TG844)
TG13 - World Wide (English)
TG235 - UK Wide



TG9 - Local (Please consider using TG844)
TG840 - East Anglia
TG844 - Special Link GB7YL, GB7EB and GB7TX (Beccles and Lowestoft area)


All Phoenix talk groups are available as dynamic / user-activated.


Some Dynamic / User activated Talk Groups:

SLOT1 -  TG2350 - Brandmeister UK Wide
SLOT1 -  TG2351 - Yaesu Wires-X CQ-UK
SLOT1 -  TG23526 - Hubnet UK
SLOT1 -  TG23426 - FreeStar World Wide

SLOT2 - TG9990 - Echo Test Server



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Coverage Map:

GB7YL - Coverage Map

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