The LYRG Team

and special thanks to our supporters


James Crawford                    M1TES             Chairperson  
Janet Crawford   Treasurer & Secretary  
Mervyn  G4TAD Repeater Keeper  
Jim Colderwood M0ZAH Committee Member  
Tim Ward 2E0TJW Webmaster  
Ben Horne  M7FRS Committee Member  
Rikki Keene M7RKZ Committee Member  
Terry Quantrill G7UWA Committee Member  



Thanks to:


Fern Communications Donation of LDF4-50 & LDF5-50 Feeders
Radio Structures Ltd Suppliers of group antennas
Andy - G8VLL GB3YL Cavity Filters & tuning of the cavities for GB7YL
DVSPH Admin Team UK Digital Voice Network
Allport Communications  




Members List:

We are currently compiling a membership list.  Please contact us giving explicit consent to be listed.