70cm FM Analogue Repeater in Great Yarmouth



Callsign: GB3JS
Location: Great Yarmouth - JO02UO
Current Status: On Air - All Good
Band / Channel: 70cm - RB01
Type: Analogue Voice
Output: 433.0250
Input: 434.6250


Technical Information:


Repeater - Motorola Compact Repeater
RX Antenna - Procom FUC10 Commercial Co-linear
TX Antenna - Jaybeam Commercial 4 Stack
Timeout - Dynamic Timeout (JGX logic will dynamically adjust the timeout based on the temperature of the PA, the higher the PA temperature the shorter the timeout time)
Pye Cavities (Ex GB3YL)
G1YFF / JGX Modified dual channel Logic


Echolink no longer active on this repeater due to lack of Internet connectivity, there are no current plans to bring Echolink back.



Coverage Map:

GB3JS - Coverage Map