70cms UHF FM Repeater in Great Yarmouth


Callsign: GB3JS
Location: Great Yarmouth - JO02UO
Current Status: On Air (No Issues)
Band / Channel: 70cm - RB01
Type: Analogue Voice
Output: 433.0250
Input: 434.6250
Keeper: M0JGX

Technical Information:

Repeater - Motorola Compact Repeater
RX Antenna - Procom FUC10 Commercial Co-linear
TX Antenna - Jaybeam Commercial 4 Stack
Pye Cavities (Ex GB3YL)
G1YFF / JGX Modified dual channel Logic

Licensed Power 11dBW ERP @ 12Meters
Current (Estimated) Power 8.45dBW


Echolink no longer active on this repeater due to lack of Internet connectivity, there are no current plans to bring Echolink back.

Coverage Map:

GB3JS - Coverage Map