GB7BE - UHF D-Star Repeater in Beccles



Callsign: GB7BE
Location: Beccles - JO02TK
Current Status: On Air (No Issues)
Band / Channel: 70cm - DVU53
Type: D-Star
Output: 439.6625
Input: 430.6625
Connectivity: D-Star (8235156B)
Keeper: M0JGX


Technical Information:

Repeater - G1YFF Modified Tait T-800
TX / RX Antenna - Commercial Di-Pole
Timeout - No Timeout
Procom Duplexer
Raspberry Pi B+ running western star
DVRPTR Version 1

Licensed Power 10dBW ERP @ 15Meters
Current (Estimated) Power 6.5dBW


Please note this repeater reboots at 5am everyday.   
Since we did an update of Pi-Star the DVRPTR board would stop responding at around 36 - 40 hours of use, therefore we have introduced a 5am reboot. 




Normally connected to REF001C

Active on features / options GB7BE: CCS, XLX (DCS), XREF (DExtra), DPlus (REF Reflectors), D-Rats, Info, IrcDDB, Echo,


You will need to register your callsign before you can use D-Star Reflectors



Coverage Map:


GB7BE Coverage Map


Lowestoft & Great Yarmouth Repeater Group