70cm D-Star Repeater in Beccles



Callsign: GB7BE
Location: Beccles - JO02TK
Current Status: ON Air - All Good
Band / Channel: 70cm - DVU53
Type: D-Star
Output: 439.6625
Input: 430.6625
Connectivity: D-Star (8235156B)


Technical Information:

Repeater - G1YFF Modified Tait T-800
TX / RX Antenna - Commercial Di-Pole
Timeout - No Timeout
Procom Duplexer
Raspberry Pi B+ running western star
DVRPTR Version 1



All reflectors available UA

Repeater has no static reflector and no reflector time out (save the nets listed below).  
Normal connections are XLX600D, XLXWVVA or REF001C




DVSPH Monday Night net starting at 8pm on Mondays

REF001C Sunday Night Checkin Net 00:00 (GMT)




You will need to register your callsign before you can use D-Star Reflectors



Coverage Map:


GB7BE Coverage Map