GB7EB - UHF DMR Repeater in Beccles




Callsign: GB7EB
Location: Beccles - JO02TK
Current Status: On Air (No Issues)
Band / Channel: 70cm - DVU46
Type: DMR
Output: 439.5750
Input: 430.5750
Colour Code: 2
Connectivity: Brandmeister (235222)
Phoenix (235222)
Keeper: M0JGX


Technical Information:


Repeater - M0JGX Built Motorola GM350 Radios (for TX & RX with 1 spare)
TX / RX Antenna - Commercial Co-linear Procom Duplexer
Raspberry 3B with STM32-DVM Pi Hat

Licensed Power 13.5dBW ERP @ 23Meters
Current (Estimated) Power 10dBW
Timeout - No Timeout


Further hardware and antenna upgrades planned.  We intend to do this in stages so GB7EB will only be off the air for minutes not days or weeks.




Talk Groups:



TG6 - XLX Reflectors - (Normally connected to XLX840 - East Anglia Hub)
TG9 - Local (No longer connected to echolink due to server costs)
TG91 - Brandmeister World Wide



TG9 - Local
TG235 - Brandmeister UK
TG840 - Phoenix - East Anglia
TG841 - Phoenix - East Anglia (Special Link)


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Coverage Map:
GB7EB - Coverage Map

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