70cms UHF DMR Repeater in Beccles


Callsign: GB7EB
Location: Beccles - JO02TK
Current Status: On Air (No Issues)
Band / Channel: 70cm - DVU46
Type: DMR
Output: 439.5750
Input: 430.5750
Colour Code: 2
Connectivity: Brandmeister (235222)
Phoenix (235222)
Keeper: M0JGX

Technical Information:

Repeater - M0JGX Built Motorola GM350 Radios (for TX & RX with 1 spare)
TX / RX Antenna - Commercial Co-linear Procom Duplexer
Raspberry Pi B+ running MMDVM (Original board) Arduino Due TXCO Crystal Modification by M0JGX

Licensed Power 13.5dBW ERP @ 23Meters
Current (Estimated) Power 4dBW - On low power due to possible PSU / PA / TX issue


Echolink (S1 TG9) & XLX (S1 TG6) test was successful, unfortunately the cost of using an Amazon (AWS) server was too prohibitive. If this is something users wish for then we will look in to alternatives to AWS.

Talk Groups:


TG6 - XLX Reflectors - (Normally connected to XLX840 - East Anglia Hub)
TG9 - Local (No longer connected to echolink due to server costs)
TG91 - Brandmeister World Wide (Currently U.A. See note above)
*TG23515 - Brandmeister - East of England (Current Experimental TG)
*TG235 - Brandmeister - UK Wide (Current Experimental TG)


TG9 - Brandmeister Reflectors (Normally connected to 4400 - UK Wide)
TG840 - Phoenix East Anglia
TG841 - Phoenix East Anglia Special Link (GB7AL, GB7CL, GB7CT, GB7DS, GB7EB, GB7MK, GB7ND, GB7PP GB7YL) 


* Current Experimental TG -  If you have a TG you think we should try let us know (Repeater group members only)


Coverage Map:

GB7EB - Coverage Map