70cm Analogue Repeater in Lowestoft



Callsign: GB3YL
Location: Lowestoft - JO02UL
Current Status: No Known Issues
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Band / Channel: 70cm - RB14
Type: Analogue Voice
Output: 433.3500
Input: 434.9500
Keeper: G4RKP


Technical Information:


Repeater - Motorola Compact Repeater
RX Antenna - Procom FUC10 Commercial Co-linear
TX Antenna - Jaybeam Commercial 4 Stack
Timeout - Approximately 15 minutes
Andy G8VLL - Tuned cavity filters
G1YFF Repeater Logic

Echolink Node: 227697

Coverage Map:

GB3YL - Coverage Map

We are in the process of updating our coverage maps

Currently, we use the ETCC supplied maps, we have found these to be a little over-optimistic.
It is hoped that we can produce a more realistic map.

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