70cms UHF FM Repeater in Lowestoft


Callsign: GB3YL
Location: Lowestoft - JO02UL
Current Status: On Air (No Issues)
Band / Channel: 70cm - RB14
Type: Analogue Voice
Output: 433.3500
Input: 434.9500
Keeper: G4RKP

Technical Information:

Repeater - Motorola Compact Repeater
RX Antenna - Procom FUC10 Commercial Co-linear
TX Antenna - Jaybeam Commercial 4 Stack
Andy G8VLL - Tuned cavity filters
G1YFF Channel Logic

Licensed Power 12.1dBW ERP @ 80Meters
Current (Estimated) Power 1.7dBW

Neither Echolink or Allstar are currently active on this repeater. 
The repeater may from time to time show on the Allstar website as online, at the moment this is for experimentation only (see XLX840). 
The All star node is NOT currently connected to a radio, therefore no audio will be transmitted to or from the repeater.


Coverage Map:

GB3YL - Coverage Map