TETRA Beccles



Callsign: GB7TX
Location: Beccles - JO02TK
Current Status: Licensed (Awaiting Site Installation)
Band / Channel: 70cm
Type: TETRA - DM-REP (ETSI type 1A DMO Repeater)
Output: 434.01875
Input: 434.01875
Settings: TBA
Connectivity: TBA
Keeper: M0JGX


Technical Information:


Current Repeater - Motorola MTM5400
Sits in a rack cabinet with GB7EB & GB7BE that was formerly used by GB3NB.
TX / RX Antenna - Commercial Di-Pole
Timeout - No Timeout



You will need a valid ISSI (your CCS7 / DMR number) to use this repeater.

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Coverage Map:
GB7TX - Coverage Map

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