TETRA Beccles



Callsign: GB7TX
Location: Beccles - JO02TK
Current Status: Licensed
Band / Channel: 70cm - U321A
Type: TETRA - DM-REP (ETSI type 1A DMO Repeater)
Output: 434.01875
Input: 434.01875
Connectivity: Phoenix (234039)
Keeper: M0JGX


Technical Information:


Current Repeater - TBA - See Below
TX / RX Antenna - Commercial Di-Pole
Timeout - 380 Seconds

CM5000 DMO Repeater
MTM800 Link (with GPS COS modification)



Static Talk Groups:

TG844 - Local - Special Link GB7YL, GB7DS, GB7EB & GB7TX (Lowestoft, Norwich and Beccles area)

Other talk groups UA via SDS codes currently testing *SUBJECT TO CHANGE*

TG9 (Not linked) - 32768

TG844 - 32769

TG840 - 32770

XLXWVV - 32771 (via ALLSTAR)

GB3YL - 32772 (via Echolink)

When either Allstar or Echolink is active the repeater will be locked to DMR TG9 (not linked), this is to prevent non digital transmissions on to the DMR network.  It is also the reason the repeater is unable to accept incoming ASL or Echolink connections.


You will need a valid ISSI (your CCS7 / DMR number) to use this repeater.

Learn about registering for DMR


Coverage Map:
GB7TX - Coverage Map