We gave the website a quick makeover, we previously updated the CMS we use to the latest version, this turned out to be a bad idea with various issues and errors.
The new look draws inspiration from the original GB3JS website.

We aim to make this site a repository for local repeater information.  If you have any relevant information or pictures then get in touch.


We received an email from an SWL (Short Wave Listener) asking if GB7EB stood for Ellough Base.  To be fair it is located on an old RAF base so Ellough Base would be very fitting, however, it's more boring than that!


BE  (GB7BE - D-Star) was the first repeater at Beccles with the BE being the first two letters of the name Beccles.
EB (GB7EB - DMR) came after and all we did was swap the letters around resulting in EB.
JS (GB3JS - Great Yarmouth 70cms) stands for James (M0JGX) and Simon (M0TRJ) the original driving force behind the repeater.  
LO (GB3LO - ATV) Is the first two letters of Lowestoft*
YL (GB3YL - Lowestoft 70cms) Stands for Yarmouth and Lowestoft*
YL (GB7YL - DMR) Is co-sited with GB3YL so seemed logical.
MB6ILO (Digital Multimode Lowestoft) The I is mandated by the ETCC as it's an attended gateway and LO was borrowed from GB3LO. MB6IYL was already taken.
TX (GB7TX) - Tetra eXperiment


* I'm 99% sure, however, I wasn't licensed or had even started School when these repeaters were first licensed - James M0JGX


Anyway, if you want to call EB Ellough Base then feel free, it's a better story and more fitting!

The group has purchased a UHF Motorola DR3000 for GB7EB in Beccles.

We will be doing on-site on-air tests and well as interfacing the JGX logic for future upgrades of the group's repeaters 🧐

As we are moving to the DR3000 and with the connection/network issues we had with Brandmeister GB7EB will now be a Phoenix only repeater.

The GM350 radios and MMDVM will be used in project "BK", additionally, we have also secured two VHF GM350s to use with the backup repeater project.


You can always view which repeater GB7EB is using via the Phoenix K dashboard.
MMDVM - 235222 
Motorola - 234034





Today we received the NOV from Ofcom (Spectrum Licensing) for MB6ILO

We're aiming to get the gateway on-air this coming weekend 12 Feb 2022.  Just need to reprogram the GM350.

We've just put in an application for a 70cms Digital Gateway.

Hopefully it will have DMR, Fusion, D-Star, NXDN & P25 capabilities.

We are intending on using the old setup from GB7EB, a GM350 Radio, MMDVM, Arduino Due and Raspberry 4.


Come back for updates

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