The repeater group annual general meeting has been scheduled for Tuesday 17th May 2022 at 20:00 (BST).
The meeting is open to all, both members and non-members* and will be held via Microsoft Teams

To attend the AGM (via Teams) you will need to fill out this form


Once you have filled out the form you should receive an email from Microsoft (sender will state Beccles Lido Limited‡).

‡ This Teams meeting has very kindly been provided by Beccles Lido Ltd who run Beccles Lido, Beccles Public Hall and the Big Dog Ferry.  NO information or data will be shared with Beccles Lido Ltd and all user data will be deleted after the meeting.


Don't do what I did and click no to no conflicts or you will decline the meeting..... Yes I know it's not great English but this is Microsoft!!




On the day just click the link and you will be presented with the following screen.


Click   unless you already have teams, then you can select Launch it now.


That's it, Microsoft Teams should now be running in your browser.  You can choose to enable the Video and Audio if you wish, you can also ask questions by clicking the chat icon at the bottom of the screen.



*Non paid up members are unable to cast a vote or stand for committee positions but are warmly welcome.


Due to technical and time constraint issues we've been having with Zoom, it has been decided to use Microsoft Teams instead.  We understand that for most Windows users the use of Microsoft Teams will be a smoother experience than having to install Zoom.



GB7EB is now back on-air


Please note due to a unforeseen technical circumstances GB7EB is off air. 

The Zum MMDVM board for the Arduino Due served GB7EB well for several years, it was replaced in 2020 by an STM32 which itself will be replaced by a Motorola DR3000 DMR Repeater.  We now use the Zum MMDVM v1.0 as a spare.

After decommissioning the Zum we did some experimenting.  It soon became clear that information regarding the version one board was very hard to find, especially an early version one like we have. 

Some tests and an oscilloscope later we worked out the connections, they are as follows.

  1. RED - Carrier Squelch from radio
  2. BLUE - RX Audio FROM radio
  3. Green - GND
  4. Yellow - GND
  5. White - TX Audio TO radio
  6. Black - PTT

We hope this helps!


We've concluded our recent tests of the new Motorola DR3000 DMR Repeater.  The MMDVM DMR Repeater has been returned to service.

There are a few other things to sort on-site (antenna, mast, feeders) and also some other testing to do, we then hope to put the DR3000 on-air permanently.

Stay tuned for updates.


As we have returned to using the MMDVM GB7EB the Live Repeater Status page is displaying the correct status once again.


We've decided to keep the Motorola on test for a further 24 hours.  MMDVM GB7EB will return to service Tuesday (1/3/2022) at around14:00.


The Motorola DR3000 (234034) is currently on-air under test.
We anticipate it will be on-air until 14:00 Tomorrow (Monday 28/02/2022), although this may change depending on how our tests go.
After the tests, the MMDVM GB7EB (235222) will return to service.


PLEASE NOTE: Our live status panel is currently set up for MMDVM GB7EB. It will show off-air status when the Motorola DR3000 GB7EB Repeater is in use.

Live Repeater Status