Thank you for all the positive reports regarding GB7EB, users are loving the greatly improved range the "DR3000" have given us. 


The DR3000 isn't on air it's the original M0JGX built MMDVM with 2 x modified Motorola GM350 radios.

So what changed?

We (Mervyn G4TAD) tuned and installed the ex GB7WS Procom Duplexer. That's it, same radios, same feeder and same antenna.

Mervyn analysed the original GB7EB duplexer and found there to be a 10dB insertion loss.  The duplexer (allegedly a Procom) was sourced from a reputable commercial radio supplier who was also paid to tune to GB7EB's frequencies.  Its appearance is unlike the other Procom duplexers we have, however, it does tune well on higher PMR frequencies so not a total dud.




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