Repeater Timeouts

Rumour has it that neither GB3YL or GB3JS repeaters has a timeout, this is incorrect.  
GB3YL since running on the Motorola Comact (using the G1YFF logic) does have a timeout.
GB3JS has always had a timeout, it was later modified by M0JGX to make the timing dynamic relating to the temperature of the PA.
Both GB3YL & GB3JS will transmit short intermittent beeps every 5 minutes to inform users that the repeater is "locked out", the Morse ident will still be transmitted every 15 minutes when locked out.

GB7YL, GB7BE and GB7EB do not currently have timeouts enabled.

GB3YL - Timeout (approx. 15 minutes)
GB3JS - Dynamic Timeout = approx. 8 minutes in summer with a lot of use / infinity (no timeout) if the temperature permits.
GB7EB - No Timeout
GB7BE - No Timeout
GB7YL - No Timeout




GB7EB has been experiencing connectivity issues with the Brandmeister Network. Until James - M0JGX can get the time to investigate this networking / software issue GB7EB will be connected to Phoenix only, all standard and UA Phoenix talk groups will be available on the repeater.





The frequency change of GB7YL seems to have gone smoothly with most users easily updating their code plugs and continuing to use GB7YL.



Local Repeaters 

We've now included a local repeater section on our website. 
The included repeaters are (loosely) based on a 20 - 60 mile radius of Lowestoft and are listed for reference only by local amateurs.








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