With the weather hotting up and with temperatures expected to reach a record 40°C many repeaters and repeater groups are feeling the strain. 

At the moment our repeater estate appears to be holding up (fingers crossed).  Luckily the walls of both the Silo in Lowestoft and Tower in Beccles are quite thick and with the concrete floor and walls these take time to warm up.  Who remembers concrete pantry shelves before fridges were commonplace?  

We only have temperature information for GB7TX, GB7BE (Beccles Tower) & MB6ILO (Lowestoft), these are the current temperatures at 8:45am on Tuesday 19 July 2022.

We'll try to update these at Lunch time and early evening to see how they compare.


 19 July 2022  08:45 13:30   18:15
Beccles D-Star
Beccles TETRA

Lowestoft Digital







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