We are aware of an occasional issue with GB7BE, our D-Star repeater in Beccles, where the repeater will stop responding. 

A 5am reboot was introduced a while ago as the DVRPTR (D-Star Modem) stops communicating with the Raspberry Pi after 30 - 36 hours.  The reboot considerably improved the reliability, however, occasionally the DVRPTR will still stop responding in the interim period.
When the repeater stops responding our live status dashboard still shows the repeater as being online, since both IRCDDB and APRS are still receiving heartbeats from the Raspberry Pi. In fact the Pi is still working as expected it just stops talking to the DVRPTR, this was proved when we linked GB7NB up to GB7EB as EB relayed REF001C to NB despite EB being "off-air".

The logs do not show anything obvious and would appear there are no issues.  We have posted this issue on various Pi-Star groups and the most common reply suggests purchasing new hardware, however we believe this is a software issue.  The main reason for suggesting new hardware seems to be the perceived advantage of having DMR as well as D-Star, where in our case this is of no advantage since the Motorola DR3000 DMR Repeater - GB7EB sits directly above BE and is licensed for more power.


We are going to try moving away from Pi-Star and create our own Repeater control using Raspbian with the D-Star Repeater and IRCDDB by G4KLX.  If this proves to be ineffective we will look at using the STM32 reserved for the backup repeater.


A STM32 would also give us access to Yaesu System Fusion (C4FM), P25 and NXDN. Although the recent poll of users we undertook showed there are no users of P25 or NXDN and all those that use Fusion use their own hotspot.

Live Repeater Status