MTH800 antennas are designed to work on 360MHz to 430Mhz how do they perform on 434Mhz?

M0JGX did some tests using a VNA, these were only "quick and dirty" and no way scientific as the connector on MTH antennas isn't standard.

He used a quality Icom 70cm handheld antenna as a control and also tested a couple of  70cm antennas from China.  The VSWR on 434.000MHz is as follows.

Icom 70cm 1.22:1
MTH800 110mm  1.68:1
MTH800 80mm 1.87:1
MTH800 55mm 2.09:1
Stubby 70cm Antenna with SMA       2.82:1
Stock antenna for DMR / FM dual band radio (SMA)    2.12:1



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