I've written and rewritten this many times as each time it appears to turn in to a rant, I don't intend for this to sound that way.  I appreciate all that Brandmeister does and has done, however, as of late I have been frustrated by their lack of support and approachability.  - James M0JGX


We hope this answers the question as to why you can't use TG91 on GB7EB and why MB6ILO won't be supporting Brandmeister. 


Don't forget you can always listen to Brandmeister via their Hoseline Project.


Let's start with GB7EB.
GB7EB was one of the first dual network repeaters in the UK initially having access to all BM TGs and Phoenix TG840.  Further Phoenix talk groups were added and we had the best of both worlds Phoenix TG840, 235 & 1 as well as BM talk group 91.  

On the 3rd October 2021 GB7EB became disconnected from Brandmeister network.

Various settings within Pi-Star and DMR Gateway were tinkered with, Pi-Star was reinstalled a few times but to no avail, we sent emails to Brandmeister the replies never answered the question.   
We then purchased a Motorola DR3000 DMR repeater, the DR3000 doesn't have the ability to be dual networked so GB7EB is now 100% Phoenix.



We've tried to register MB6ILO as a gateway with Brandmeister, hoping to again have access to TG91, they told us to use the keepers personal DMR ID and register MB6ILO as a hotspot.  We haven't looked in to this in much detail but we believe this would only work in private mode not public, no one would be able to connect, apart from M0JGX.  


We have now tried to register our (Official Ofcom issued) club callsign MX0LYR with Brandmeister, for two months it has been saying it requires administrator approval.

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