There was no standard "antenna" logo for LYRG in fact 4 different logos were in use.  We decided to standardise and create our own. 

The new antenna logo is made up of an L and Y.  

We hope you like it.


We along with our colleagues from the Norfolk Repeater Group successfully found the source of the transmission that had kept GB3NB open for 22hours.

It WAS NOT malicious and we feel it best to leave it to the Norfolk Repeater Group to make a statement.

It did, however, highlight great teamwork and cooperation between both repeater groups.


Thanks to the team on the ground 
Mervyn - G4TAD
James - M0JGX
Kevin - M0UJD
David - G7URP

as well as 
Mark - G0LGJ
Ben - M7FRS
James - M0ZAH

With the upcoming AGM looming a recurring comment is we haven't let members know about the AGM. 
While we've put various links on our website and taken to Twitter and Facebook to get the message out there, due to GDPR we haven't been unable to email members directly.  


We have setup an email list, this won't be a newsletter and is intended for important communications only including;

  • Notification of AGM
  • Notification of EGM
  • Reporting major issues with a group repeater (long term off-air / loss of site)
  • Announcement of a new group repeater
  • Annual user survey
  • Any other reason not listed above that is deemed extraordinary to the day to day business of the repeater group.


You will most likely only receive 1 - 2 emails per annum and you have to option to unsubscribe at anytime


The mailing list uses the well respected Mail Chimp software and is GDPR compliant


To sign up to the mailing list please visit

GB7BE is back on-air having received some love.   

We repaired dry joint, tuned the cavity duplexer, turned up to licensed power and added a 5volt regulator for the PI / DVRPTR

GB7EB is back on-air after the antenna and feeder upgrades.

GB7BEs antenna and feeders have also been upgraded but the repeater remains off-air pending a well earned service. It should be back on air next week.


A big thanks to the team for the hard work.

Mervyn - G4TAD
Ben - M7FRS
Rikki - M7RKZ
James - M0JGX