70CM UHF D-Star Voice Repeater - Beccles



DETAILSGB7BE - Dstar Beccles

Callsign GB7BE
Status ON AIR (Running on Spare PSU as issue with Tait one)
Band 70CM / DVU53
Type D-Star
Output 439.6625 MHz
Input 430.6625 MHz
Connectivity       DStar (8235156) ON LINE
Keeper James - M0JGX




Repeater - Tait T-800 Modified by Jake G1YFF
TX / RX Antenna - Commercial Dipole Antenna
Procom Duplexer
Raspberry Pi B+ running Western Dstar
DVRPTR Version 1




REF001C - Default Reflector

Use DTMF to connect to other reflectors / repeaters





GB7BE - Coverage Map